What are you pick-up / drop-off times?

We prefer to know ahead of time when you’ll be arriving so we can get ready to receive your dog, or get them and their belongings ready for you for pick up. General drop-off and pick-up hours are 7:30am to 6pm, seven days a week.

Where does my dog sleep?

Our dog building has a number of spacious separated areas to cater to all dogs. Dogs who prefer to be in the company of other dogs can choose from dog houses, a couch, and hammock beds. Dogs who prefer their own space or some privacy will get a spacious separated area. Each area comes equipped with: a raised cot bed, a constant supply of fresh water, cleaned daily. Music keeps your pet company during the day and at night. Even though our separated areas are comfortable, our guests do not spend that much time in them. The dogs are only in their separated area when they sleep, eat and go for their afternoon nap. The rest of the time they are either playing outside in the yard or in the indoor play area. The facility is designed to keep our guests cozy and warm during the winter months, and cool in the summer heat. The dog building is heated in the winter, naturally cooled in the summer, is equipped with a fire alarm, and has fans to circulate air. We strive to make every experience a positive one for all of our clients. We will create a routine that works best for your dog while they are staying with us.

Do you offer pickup services?

Yes, we will do our best to work around your schedule and pick-up/drop-off at the most convenient time. Our costs for pick-up & delivery are: Pemberton $10 Whistler $30 Squamish $75 Vancouver $150 (Prices are one way)

What should I bring

Click here to find out what you should bring with you dog.

What if my dog or cat needs to take medication?

Any medications that your pet requires (and that you provide) will be administered as per your instructions at no extra cost. We are very capable of handling insulin injections for your diabetic dog, doing dressing changes, removing stitches from a recent spay or neuter, massaging those stiff hips, or cleaning eyes and ears. Don’t be afraid to ask. Your pet’s health and comfort are our main concern!

Does my dog need vaccinations?

There are a few vaccinations that we require all dogs to have prior to staying with us, click here for more details.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and credit cards. All prices are subject to 5% GST

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 48 hour cancellation for all boarding services at which time you will receive a refund of your full deposit.

What are your rates?

Click here to see our rates.