Our dog building has a number of spacious separated areas to cater to all dogs. Dogs who prefer to be in the company of other dogs can choose from dog houses, a couch, and hammock beds. Dogs who prefer their own space or some privacy will get a separated area.  Each area comes equipped with: a raised cot bed, a constant supply of fresh water, cleaned daily. Music keeps your pet company during the day and at night.

Even though our separated areas are comfortable, our guests do not spend that much time in them. The dogs are only in their separated area when they sleep, eat and go for their afternoon nap. The rest of the time they are either playing outside in the yard or in the indoor play area.

The facility is designed to keep our guests cozy and warm during the winter months, and cool in the summer heat. The dog building is heated in the winter, naturally cooled in the summer, is equipped with a fire alarm, and has fans to circulate air.

We strive to make every experience a positive one for all of our clients. We will create a routine that works best for your dog while they are staying with us.